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About us
We are Alfredo’s!

We are not your ordinary taco shop. Unlike our competitors that are in the same line of fast food, we think of ourselves as more unique.

We spend time focusing in preparing good meals that are not only healthier, but tastier. We have shunned away from using those traditional taco shop methods, preparing greasy foods. We use healthier oils instead of lard. We prepare our vegetables and seasonings every day. Our 2,500 sq ft. location gives us the opportunity to bring freshness to you. Unlike others that rave and rant about their freshness, we truly give meaning to that. Our produce is brought to us daily so you know you are not getting preserved foods. Though we lack in size, our advantage to that is wholesome vegetables and other items that go into your burritos that are made that same day.

We offer you traditional Quesadillas, Roll Tacos, Carne Asada Burritos & that infamous California Burrito! Our menu caters to a variety of people: those on the run, on the way to school or on their way home. 

Our goal is to be a different Mexican Food. We want to be that great burrito you had going to the beach, that tasty guacamole you had with your chips or that refreshing drink you enjoyed with your friends while here in Oceanside. 

Our philosophy:
We’re aware that as a business we have an impact not only in our environment, but also in the people we serve and the people we do business with. We believe that as a business we should do all we can to do things the right way. We continue to build a good business model and continue to adapt with the ever changing environment around us. We believe that doing business ethically, honestly and responsibly is the way to do business. 
Our food
Alfredo's Mexican Food | Oceanside, CA